A unique way to eat healthy

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what's good for everybody today? what's fresh and healthy? How can you treat your friends and family to a new dining experience?

Go to Empire Fire Mongolian Grill for a unique way to eat out and eat healthy. You can pick a variety ot meats, seafood and vegetables from the cold bar, choose your favorite sauce and then enjoy watching the chef use the giant chopstick to cook your customized meal.

Remember: It is good for everyone, whether you are a vegetarian, a meat lover or on a low carb diet.....for you are the one who creates your own meal.



Mongolian Grill was originally from ancient Mongolia. According to legend, when the mighty Genghis Khan was expanding his empire, after a long day of battle, he and his warriors set up a tent, made a campfire, and the sat around the campfire to prepare for their dinner. Short of cooking utensils the warriors would use theire fighting tools like the swords to thinly slice the meat, and then grill the meat upon the warriors upturned shields over the campfire. Until the 13th century, Mongolian Grill was introduced into Central Plains. The Chinese people made an innovation to add on some fresh vegetables, spices and sauces to make Mongolian Grill more attractive.